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Values & Philosophy

Values & Philosophy

To be the leading microfinance bank in the South East Region in the provision of financial services.


To achieve customer satisfaction by providing reliable and efficient services through skilled, motivated and experienced professionals that can create and optimize shareholders value.




Honesty, accountability, professionalism and best corporate governance practices.

The banks objectives are consistent with those enumerated in the microfinance policy document of the CBN as follows:


  1. Provision of timely, diversified, affordable and dependable financial services to the economically active poor.
  2. Creation of employment opportunities and increasing the productivity and household income of the active poor, thereby, enhancing their standard of living.
  3. Enhancement of service delivery to micro, small and medium enterprises {MSME}.
  4. Mobilization of savings for intermediation and rural transformation.
  5. Promotion of linkage programmes between microfinance institutions, deposit money banks and development finance institutions.
  6. Provision of dependable avenue for the administration of microcredit programmes of governments.



The bank focuses on activities in agriculture, commence, transportation etc. All these provide opportunities for sustainable and gradual reduction in poverty. In addition, the bank has a one-stop centre for a whole range of secretarial business, internet access, computer education and training and all forms of access to e-transactions. Our intention is to equip our sons and daughters with the necessary tools to meet the challenges of the knowledge economy of the world.
The bank strives to drive these activities through specialized financial products and services.